For your personal use, you are welcome to upload all manner of research code.
For publishing, however, we ask (and verify) that all code be made reproducible from start to finish with a click of the 'Run' button.

What programs work well for publishing on Code Ocean?

If your code:

Then Code Ocean is a good fit.

What programs is Code Ocean not a good fit for publishing?

If your code:

  • requires specialized hardware, such as a robotic arm or a particular FPGA board, and therefore can't be run on our available machines;

  • creates a custom GUI for others to use locally but that can't be executed on Code Ocean;

  • is not in one of the languages we support, nor available as an open source download (though, if you write to us at, we can look into providing it);

  • requires runtime on the order of weeks or months;

  • does not produce any independent result that can be verified by others;

  • requires internet access during runtime, and therefore can't be guaranteed to be long-term reproducible;

  • contains sensitive data that can't be anonymized or shared publicly;

Then Code Ocean is not a good fit. 

Questions about whether Code Ocean and your code are a good fit?

Please write us at or via live chat, we'll be happy to hear from you.

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