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Importing Git Repositories

Via the import repository button or the Cloud Workstation terminal.

Updated over a week ago

When you navigate to , you will see a button to import your git repository:

  1. Click Add Capsule and

  2. Select copy from public git

  3. A prompt for you to provide a URL to a git repository will open. Enter the Name or URL of the Git repo to copy. The repo is cloned to the capsule.

  4. This will start a new capsule with all files saved to the root directory, / . Once done, you will see a pop-up message in the bottom right corner, as shown below:

  • Your git history will be preserved.

  • If you have code and data folders, things will be automatically placed within the /code  and /data  folders.

  • You can rearrange things as you see fit by dragging and dropping files and folders between different directories.

To run code, you will next choose a base environment and set a master script.

Note: You can also import git repositories via the Cloud Workstation Terminal.

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