MOSEK is "a large scale optimization software" that solves "linear, quadratic, general convex and mixed integer optimization problems." To get it running on Code Ocean install MOSEK for your chosen programming language using the package management system.


To install MOSEK, first add the mosek channel to the conda installer (see how), then add mosek as a conda dependency.


Install Mosek.jl by adding Mosek as a Julia dependency.


Install Rmosek by adding it as a CRAN dependency.


install bzip2  via apt-get and then paste the following snippet into your postInstall script.


curl -L | tar xj

matlab -nodisplay -r 'addpath /mosek/8/toolbox/r2014a; savepath;'

Example capsule with MOSEK installed:

See Optimal Precoders for Tracking the AoD and AoA of a mmWave Path (click the Environment tab -> 'View Post-Install Script' for installation details).

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