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Using public datasets

Take advantage of preloaded public datasets, or upload your own.

Updated over a week ago

Using a preloaded public dataset saves time in uploading and running code, as public datasets are stored closer to the machine that executes your code.

Uploading a public dataset, or choosing to make your own dataset public, will make your research more accessible to the scientific community. Public datasets do not count against your storage quota, nor anyone else's. Request this by emailing, we encourage you to do so.

To use a public dataset in your compute capsule:

  1. Click Datasets in the Data pane toolbar. 

  2. Locate the dataset you'd like to work with, toggle the checkbox next to its name.

  3. Click Apply. The dataset appears as another folder in /data, that is /data/Iris/ . Open the folder to browse and preview the contents. (Tip: to copy a file's path onto your clipboard, hover over it, select the arrow, and click 'Copy Path'.)

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