Can I render my results as PNG files?

Stata on Linux does not currently render PNGs; trying to do so will yield the error:translator Graph2png not found . Instead, render your results as PDF or EPS.

How do I execute Stata from the command line?  

For a hypothetical file , execute stata do main .
You can also execute individual commands, e.g. stata q 'insheet using ../data/my_data.csv, clear'

Can I install specific versions of SSC packages?

Currently, the Boston College Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive does not support installing specific versions of libraries. As Nick Cox writes on the Statalist forum, "SSC works in the simplest possible way. If authors send new versions of existing files to Kit Baum, they just overwrite the previous versions. There is no archive of the archive so far as I know, and I've been sending stuff to it for a while." This is why you see "N/A" in the version box of SSC packages, and also why that box is greyed out when you are specifying packages.

Can I use 'net' to install packages on Code Ocean?

 Yes. The best way to do this is via the setup script. See this Help page for more information. To install  "weaver," use the following line:
stata -q 'net install weaver, replace from("")'.

Where are my installed ado files stored?

/root/ado .

What about packages that are not on SSC or GitHub?

If you find a URL with the relevant ado file, use the setup script to save the relevant file to the user-written ado files path. To install "meta," use the following line:

curl -s > /root/ado/plus/m/meta.ado

Note that ado files are organized in folders by first letter. 

Can I check out a published example?




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