Why not save every intermediate result and/or display every plot?

As a computational reproducibility platform, Code Ocean is optimized to show the work that went into the final results of a paper. Intermediate files might help showcase this, but could just as easily distract. We leave saving and displaying intermediate files to authors' discretion, and encourage authors to foreground their final results.

Why not let users save files to the /code and /data panes? 

Code Ocean is designed to take a static set of files, dependencies, and file structures and produce the same set of results on each and every run. Users who see a Code Ocean compute capsule can trust that when they press 'Run', they will see the exact same results the author did when she did so. This is why you cannot start a run with any files in the /results  folder. It also guarantees, for readers, that everything they see in /results was produced by the available code, data, and computational environment.

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