Code is ever-evolving, bugs are found, and associated articles are published: Code Ocean addresses these scenarios with versioning, which allows authors to publish new capsule versions. All versions will be cross-linked to one another, and users will be alerted if they visit an out-of-date version.

Once your capsule is published, you'll notice the version selector, showing v1 here:

To start a new version, click the version selector and select the next unpublished version, in this case v2. Make any changes to this capsule as you would to any other capsule, and when you're ready, hit Publish. Our team will verify everything is in order and publish your capsule as a new version, v2:

Metadata-only changes

For metadata-only changes which do not affect reproducibility, simply update your capsule as above and contact us at or live chat to let us know to apply your changes to the existing published version.  

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