There are two ways to do this, either through Conda or through a PPA. Conda is probably easier.


If your base environment has Conda, or you've installed it via postInstall script, you can add the additional channel 'r' and then add the package r. It will default to 3.5 if you set the version to be 'latest'.

Subsequent R packages will be available with the prefix r-* , such as r-ggplot2  or r-lattice .

This capsule installs R and R packages this way. 


  • click the 'Environment & Dependencies' tab;
  • Click the gear icon next to apt-get to add a new PPA;
  •  add PPA ppa:marutter/rrutter3.5 
  • Add either r-base or r-base-dev via apt-get.

This capsule installs R 3.5 via apt-get. 

A word of caution!

These instructions are subject to change. R 3.5 will be available by default for Ubuntu in due time. PPAs and Conda channel specifications are likely to change over time as well. These instructions are current as of January 2019.

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