Code Ocean and CLOCKSS

Code Ocean has partnered with CLOCKSS to preserve all published capsules. For more information on how CLOCKSS manages the preservation and access of uploaded content, see Any further questions about the partnership can be addressed to

Ownership of uploaded content

Authors maintain copyright for and ownership of uploaded code and data. Code Ocean encourages authors to use permissive software licenses whenever possible. 

Downloading Code Ocean content

Code Ocean is an open access platform and allows anyone to export capsules, published or private, for reuse or preservation outside the platform. Exporting a capsule will download:

  • All code and data (with instructions for accessing public datasets);
  • Metadata;
  • A Dockerfile specifying the details for the computational environment, building on Docker base images from Code Ocean’s public Docker registry;
  • Instructions for reproducing results locally.

See this blogpost for more on exporting capsules.

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