You might find yourself in a position where you have a lot of links to your capsule -- potentially, a peer review link, a link to your private capsule, the URL of your published capsule, and the published capsule's DOI. Here's how to make sense of that.

  1. When you publish a capsule, it's intended to be a snapshot of the project at a particular moment -- e.g. version 1.0 , 2.0, etc. So a published capsule's URL (e.g. is a link to that particular snapshot.

  2. Published capsules also have DOIs, e.g. DOIs are intended to be persistent IDs that always resolve to the right URL, even if that URL changes over time.

  3. Meanwhile, your private capsule, from which the public capsule is forked, will be only accessible via a link to you, and anyone you add as a collaborator.  The idea is that you can continue making changes to this that aren't available to the world at large until you elect to publish. So if you share a link to the private capsule with someone who isn't a collaborator, they'll see some variant of 'capsule not found'.

  4. A peer review copy is a fork of a capsule with certain peer-review-centric features (e.g. analytics). This should only be shared with peer reviewers (and ideally, editors will manage this rather than authors). 

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