By default, when you click Reproducible Run on Code Ocean, we execute the master script, which runs all the code from beginning to end without user input. This run happens headlessly, that is, without a user interface to control it.

The alternative is running your code in a Cloud Workstation, where you can execute your code interactively: line-by-line, chunk-by-chunk, via point-and-click interfaces.

Another key aspect of reproducible runs is that when the run completes, we shut down the remote server to save resources. On Cloud Workstation, however, we keep it on so you can work continuously on that machine via your browser.

On the top right-hand side of your capsule, you'll see a 'Launch Cloud Workstation' icon. Click this to launch one of four tools:

Currently, workstations come in five varieties:

Click one of the above icons to start a workstation session. When you've done so, a new session will be automatically launched:

Which will then become whichever session you selected (in this example, Terminal):

General notes:

  1. Leaving a Cloud Workstation running will continuously use quota; click the Shut Down button to close the session.

  2. Changes to files in the /code  and /data folders in a Cloud Workstation session will be synced back to your capsule. Any changes to /results  or the environment will not be. Please record changes you made to either, and re-implement them in a non-cloud-workstation session, if you wish to save them.

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