You can use Terminal to access a command line interface on Code Ocean. This is good for inspecting the file system, test out dependency installations, and trying out new ideas.

Launching a Terminal Cloud Workstation

After selecting your base environment. click the Cloud Workstation icon dropdown in the header and select the Terminal icon to have command line access to your capsule.

This will automatically launch Terminal. 

General notes:

  1. Leaving a Cloud Workstation running will continuously use quota; click 'Shut Down Cloud Workstation' to close the session.

  2. Changes to files in the /code  and /data folders in a Cloud Workstation session will be synced back to your capsule. Any changes to /results  or the environment will not be. Please record changes you made to either, and re-implement them in a non-cloud-workstation session, if you wish to save them.

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