JupyterLab is a popular Integrated Development Environment and "the next-generation web-based user interface for Project Jupyter." Code Ocean's default capsule interface already integrates JupyterLab's UI, so many of the JupyterLab's own features are available.

Another option is to launch JupyterLab in a Cloud Workstation session. This allows you to work on Python files or Jupyter Notebooks interactively, rather than executing a single master script via the 'Reproducible Run' button.

Launching a JupyterLab Cloud Workstation

Click the Cloud Workstation dropdown in the header and select JupyterLab:

This will automatically launch the typical JupyterLab interface.

General notes:

  1. Leaving a Cloud Workstation running will continuously use quota; click 'Shut Down Cloud Workstation' to close the session.

  2. Changes to files in the /code  and /data folders in a Cloud Workstation session will be synced back to your capsule. Any changes to /results  or the environment will not be. Please record changes you made to either, and re-implement them in a non-cloud-workstation session, if you wish to save them.

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