Updating published compute capsules

Publish new versions to add new features, fix bugs, or simply update metadata.

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Code Ocean allows authors to publish new versions of existing capsules. When looking at a capsule with multiple published versions, you'll see them listed in the capsule's timeline:

Data and Thread Placement in NUMA Architecture Code Ocean 2022-02-22 at 2.30.24 PM

A note on best practices: please either update your readme, or include a file like errata.txt, to note what's changed between versions.

To update your published capsule:

  • Navigate to your private copy of the capsule in the dashboard, or by clicking Edit Original from the published copy. 

  • Make any changes as usual, committing and submitting for publication. When you publish this version, it will automatically be added to your capsule's timeline.

  • Please make all changes while logged into Code Ocean with the same account that you published the capsule from.

  • Concerning best practices: please either update your readme, or include a file like errata.txt or CHANGELOG.md, to note what's changed between versions.)

Metadata-only changes

For metadata- or documentation-only changes that do not affect the reproducibility, simply update your capsule as above and press Submit for publication. Please note in your commit message the changes that have been made so that we know that they are metadata-only. You can also write to us at support@codeocean.com or use the live chat to let us know to publish your changes as a minor update. 

Minor updates differ from normal updates in that they do not get a DOI – the most recent DOI will still apply – and new results won't be published.


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