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What if my capsule takes a very long time to run?
What if my capsule takes a very long time to run?

Run the whole thing by default, allow users option to run a toy version if you can.

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If reproducing your results takes many hours or days, that is fine by us. Reproducing the complete analysis enables users to view your full pipeline, from start to finish, and all of its results, at a glance. Doing so also opens up your analysis to readers without Code Ocean accounts (running code on Code Ocean requires an account, to prevent abuse, but viewing or downloading materials does not).

If some of your readers may wish to run extensions of your analysis without re-running the entire thing, you can set parameters in your master script that allow users to work from intermediate results, or just run part of the analysis. You can also point them towards Cloud Workstations.
If you run out of quota while working on a long-running capsule, please contact us via either live chat or, and we will be happy to help.

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