How is computing time measured?

Your computing time consists of the total time across all of your runs, from start to finish (or cancellation), including Cloud Workstations.

Time logged into the platform, or editing code without running it, will not count towards your quota. 

How is storage space measured?

All code, data (excluding built-in datasets), and result files across your in-progress capsules count towards your storage quota. Files that are part of your published capsules do not.

What happens when I run out of computation time or storage space?

A message will pop up alerting you and you will get an email informing you. You won’t be able to initiate any further runs until your next billing cycle or your account is upgraded.
If you are working on publishing a capsule, please write to us at to let us know, and we will be happy to provide you the computational resources you need.

How can I know how much computing time/storage space I’ve used so far?

When viewing a capsule, click on the account icon:

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