How much computation time and storage space do I have?

Your computation time and storage space depend on your user type:

  • Academic email

    • 10 hours a month for computation time*

    • 20GB of storage space

  • Non-academic email

    • 5 minutes a month for computation time*

    • 1GB of storage space

*For information about additional resources, please reach out to our support team at

How is my computing time measured?

  • Compute time includes all of your runs, from start to finish (or cancellation), including Cloud Workstations.

  • Your quota won't be affected by time spent logged into the platform or editing code without running it.

How is my storage space measured?

  • The content of your in-progress capsules, including code, data (excluding built-in datasets), and results, counts towards your storage quota.

  • Files that are part of your published capsules are not counted.

What happens when I run out of computation time or storage space?

  • A message will pop up alerting you. Additionally, you will receive an email notification.

  • You won’t be able to initiate any further runs until your next billing cycle.

How can I know how much computing time/storage space I have used so far?

Click on your account icon:

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