Rstudio is a general-purpose Integrated Development Environment that is particularly suited for the language R, and popular among R users. You can access Rstudio as an interactive session.  

To run Rstudio:

From the interactive sessions dropdown, select Rstudio: 

This will automatically trigger a launch of Rstudio server.

See for more on this IDE.

General notes:

  1. Leaving an interactive session running will continuously use quota; click 'end interactive session' to close the session.
  2. Every 30 minutes, your interactive session will ask you if you are still there. This is to prevent an idly open session from exhausting your quota. 
  3. Changes to code and data in an interactive session will be synced back to your capsule. Any changes to /results  or the environment will not be. Please record changes you made to either, and re-implement them in a non-interactive session, if you wish to save them.

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