VHDL is a "hardware description language." The easiest way to use it on Code Ocean is to use GHDL, an "open-source simulator" that "allows you to compile and execute your VHDL code". GHDL is available on GitHub.

To execute VHDL code on Code Ocean, start from an 'Other' base environment, and use the Run environment to install the following dependencies:

  1. Using apt-get, install ca-certificates , gnat , and zlib1g-dev. Note that some of these may be pre-installed.
  2. Use the postInstall script to run the following code:

mkdir ghdl
curl -L https://github.com/tgingold/ghdl/releases/download/v0.34/ghdl-v0.34-mcode-ubuntu.tgz | tar xz -C ghdl

The GHDL executable will then be located in /ghdl/bin/ghdl during runtime. 

Example capsule:

See An FPGA-Based Phase Measurement System.

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